Alejandro Bedoya

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On Monday morning, Major League Soccer officials met in New York to determine if they should punish a player who had grabbed a field microphone during a national television broadcast on Sunday night.

HOW ACQUIRED: Signed as a Designated Player on August 3, 2016 after Philadelphia secured No. 1 spot in Allocation Ranking Order. Alejandro Bedoya is a versatile and technically gifted midfielder.

Alejandro Bedoya didn’t just want to qualify for the World Cup for himself, or his teammates, or the U.S. soccer team’s ever-growing fan base.

Alejandro Bedoya Verified account @alebedoya17 pro soccer/football player! OrebroSK, Glasgow Rangers, HelsinborgsIF, FC Nantes, & now Philadelphia Union. USA Mens National Team.

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Alejandro Bedoya didn’t plan to speak into the microphone on Sunday after scoring his goal, but his message shortly went viral and he isn’t done voicing his opinion.

Alejandro Bedoya. Sport: Soccerl. Born: April 29, 1987. Town: Englewood. Alejandro Bedoya was born april 29, 1987 in Englewood. He grew up in Florida after.

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The day after he made an impassioned plea for gun control in the middle of a nationally televised soccer game, Philadelphia Union midfielder Alejandro Bedoya was named the MLS player of the week.

MLS. Alejandro Bedoya: El jugador que critica la poltica estadounidense El ex seleccionado de los Estados Unidos alz la voz contra el Congreso de su pas y no es la primera vez que habla sobre la poltica estadounidense.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Union player Alejandro Bedoya is reacting once again after calling on Congress to end gun violence during a nationally-televised game against DC United. After scoring.

I’m not a policymaker either. I’m shouting at those hypocrites to get their shit together. You want some plans. We can start with stricter background checks, red flag laws, making a registry for gun.

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WASHINGTON (AP) – Alejandro Bedoya made a statement about gun violence in the nation’s capital. After scoring a goal for the Philadelphia Union on Sunday night against D.C. United, Bedoya ran to an on.