Oakland’s Waypoint cashes in on empty homes

Waypoint Homes Inc has a $15,000 bond with International Fidelity Insurance Company. What else should I know before hiring Waypoint Homes Inc California contractors are required to submit their fingerprints to the board, which are then checked against criminal records held by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of.

Profiting Off Pain: Trump Confidant Cashed In on the Housing Crisis. The combined company’s forward-facing brand is Waypoint Homes, so tenants pay their rent to Waypoint and call Waypoint’s.

This is difficult for businesses that don’t have a lot of cash. Oakland’s existing real estate transfer tax, which is currently a single rate for all transactions. If approved, Measure X would.

She was surrounded by garbage a foot deep – empty sardine cans, stacks of greeting cards. “If nothing else, just visit them in their homes,” Frost said. “You don’t have to talk about the clutter..

Based in Oakland, California, Waypoint Real Estate Group acquires, renovates, leases, maintains and manages single family homes under the consumer facing brand Waypoint Homes (www.waypointhomes.

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Oakland’s Waypoint cashes in on empty homes distressed neighborhoods in Oakland and hope this can provide a model that can be replicated in other cities." Enterprise and Waypoint will contribute an initial investment totaling $1.6 million in equity, and citi community development will provide a $150,000 grant to fund the first phase of 20 homes.

After the housing bubble burst, Blackstone made a big bet on home rentals. Now, it’s cashing out.. then merged with rival Starwood Waypoint Homes in November of that year.. Your list is empty.

Oakland startup Mynd seeks to disrupt residential property management. Waypoint was founded in 2009 amid the historic housing crisis with a vision of turning the mom-and-pop single-family rental business into an institutional asset class. At its peak, Waypoint owned and managed more than 17,000 single-family rentals in 13 markets around the country.

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Waypoint Homes and their clients are bigots that refuse to rent to a U.S. citizen with a foreign born wife who is in the process of obtaining a permanent resident visa. This process takes between 6-9 months and does not mean that the person is "illegal". As a 19 year federal employee and.

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Oakland voters could approve the state's first tax on privately owned vacant properties in November.