Where Americans Are Moving

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 · Americans have long felt the call to go west, but they’re also moving south.Between July 2017 and July 2018, more people relocated to counties in the West and South of the United States than moved.

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Americans can enter the country with a three-month visa on arrival, but an official move requires multiple visits to various government bureaus, where you’ll need to provide streams of documentation.

Each year, 10 million Americans pack up their lives and move to another part of the country. But where are they going? The University of Wisconsin-Madison has made an awesome interactive map that.

The Great Recession has upended the American tradition of moving to greener pastures. Instead of moving to a bigger home or for a higher-paying job, more Americans moved because they can’t afford to.

The 2018 National movers study shows Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona as the states with the most inbound migration. Meanwhile, outbound migration was highest in New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, and Kansas. In Arkansas, Maine, and Mississippi, inbound and outbound migration were nearly balanced, with roughly the same number of people moving into and out of those states.

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More Americans Are Moving to Texas April 07, 2018 This Friday, Jan. 14, 2011, file photo shows highway traffic with the Dallas skyline in the background. (ap photo/tony gutierrez, File)

Lots of Americans move overseas for any number of reasons, and life as an expat can be an extraordinary adventure if you know where to go. How do you figure that out? Try asking the people who’ve.

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Americans are on the move, whether for retirement or due to the cost of living. Find out where Americans are moving, and where they’re moving out of.